Kauri Flats


Correct uniform must be worn by students at all times. 

Any student wearing incorrect uniform must have a note from home explaining why the incorrect uniform is being worn. Students without this note will be warned by the class teacher and the next time followed up by the office.

Students in correct uniform will receive a whanau point each day during the daily morning Base check.

Jewellery - students are allowed to wear stud earrings only for Health and Safety reasons.

Students are also allowed to wear approved items of jewellery for religious/cultural tradition.

No makeup or nail polish is to be worn by any student.


● Please ensure your child is able to do up their own laces before purchasing lace up shoes

● Shorts, Trousers or Skorts can be worn throughout the year. School Fleece, Shirt, Shorts, Skort and Trousers can be purchased from SAS/The Uniform Shoppe, Wood Street, Papakura