Kauri Flats

Unrelenting Curiosity for Learning

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Welcome to our site!  

At Kauri Flats we aim to inspire students through our  UC4L (Unrelenting Curiosity for Learning) curriculum by investigating how we can bring learning to life using the New Zealand Curriculum to its full potential – not solely focussing on Reading, Writing, and Math, but ensuring our students are exposed to all subject areas and are aware of how the arts and creativity are equally as important.

We want our students, staff, and community prepared to take risks, prepared to be wrong, willing to give everything a go, appreciate everyone and their culture with the ability to empathise with all things life throws at them and each other and never leave at the end of the day, week, term, year, thinking, ‘I wish I would have done more’.

We hope you enjoy taking a look around our site. 

For schools/institutions wishing to visit the school, please fill out our form under the 'General Information' tab and click on 'arrange a visit,' this will enable us to focus specifically on your needs. We tend not to host visitors in weeks 1 and 10 of any term. Parents, please call or email the office to arrange a time and date.

Matt Williams

Kauri Flats School