Kauri Flats

At Kauri Flats School, we have an Unrelenting Curiosity for Learning. Our shared vision supports a full curriculum with the flexibility to adapt and modify, meeting the needs of all learners. It is relevant, dynamic, rich and meaningful and easily accessible and understood by all members of the community. Learners are actively engaged in the curriculum and take ownership of their learning. Our learner qualities are co-developed and reflected upon with students, staff and the community. Resources, including technology, are easily accessible at all times and regularly maintained and upgraded. 

We are effective communicators who are accepting and appreciative of other cultures, values and beliefs. Our learners have the skills and knowledge to be connected to the environment. They are exposed to whanaungatanga through shared experiences and are connected to their culture in order to be active and positive members of NZ society, today and in the future. Learners recognise their value in the community and understand how much impact they can make. We are compassionate, problem solvers who work collaboratively. We clearly communicate our learning and show measurable progress across all learning areas. Individuals achieve across the curriculum. We are creators not users! 

Kauri Flats School learners use authentic and personalised assessments. We have a shared understanding across all year levels of expectations of what is assessed, how it is assessed, what it is used for and where and how it is recorded. Our assessments are designed to be accessible to all, time efficient, show progressions and next learning steps. Assessment utilises technology to reduce the workload on teachers and follow students on their learning. They are clear, easy to use and easy to understand for all within the learners’ community. 

At Kauri Flats a regular, scheduled time for personal reflection of teaching and learning ensures that staff have a collective understanding of best practice, steps and tools to achieve this with a clear, transparent support system that is aligned to our shared vision. We provide a safe and collegial environment where conversations with colleagues are honest and conversations with students about their learning, interests and progress are ongoing. This creates a positive culture of growth, development and reflective practice throughout the school. 

As a successful school, we provide a well-resourced, safe, inclusive and challenging environment that fosters quality relationships. We know how to challenge each other in a respectful way. By knowing and understanding our learners, we nurture an environment where we have the freedom to develop our passions and celebrate our uniqueness. We have pride in ourselves and in each other, can communicate what we have achieved and how we plan our next steps. Through living our values, we ensure our learners are armed with the knowledge and skills that will support their ongoing self-care and wellbeing. This is imperative to ensure growth happens.