Kauri Flats


It is important the school is informed of any absence immediately.  This can be done either by emailing (admin@kauriflats.school.nz) texting the school (02102944414) or using the HERO app.

A medical absence of three days or more requires a medical certificate to be presented to the school office.

Extended Absence: 

Schools have a legal responsibility to ensure that the attendance of all pupils is satisfactory - 90% or higher. Attendance records of all pupils are maintained in HERO and an audit is carried out each year. 

From time to time, parents may wish to take their children out of school for an extended period of time.  A school cannot stop overseas trips, however, due to the high volume of students going overseas for extended trips, upon returning from overseas travel for three weeks or longer, whānau are required to re-enrol their child to prove they are still living in the school zone.

*The school has the right to remove a student from the school roll due to an extended absence