Kauri Flats

General Curriculum Information 

At Kauri Flats School we believe that every student deserves the best opportunities to succeed both academically and socially.  By offering an integrated, issues based curriculum based largely upon the fundamentals of the Reggio Emilia philosophy we ensure all of our learners needs are met.  This approach to learning not only inspires and engages but also offers our students the best possible learning/life experiences through nurturing growth, encouraging development, supporting effort, recognising achievements, challenging viewpoints, guiding progress, growing ideas and instilling values.

Although technology and global changes have driven a number of developments in education, we believe that technology is another ‘limb’ to learning and not learning itself.  Technology plays a large part in what we do at Kauri Flats School and consolidates the learning that is occurring in each learner space.  We pride ourselves on strong Literacy (skills), Numeracy and Science programmes across the school and value the contribution technology makes to ensure accelerated progress can be made across all areas of the curriculum.

Our specialised S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus works within our integrated curriculum. The skills taught using both modern (laser cutters, coding, controlled scientific experiments) and traditional technology (hard materials) ensuring our students leave Kauri Flats with a sense of curiosity, wonder, drive and passion for learning, equipping them for whatever profession they choose providing them with the drive and determination  to be successful at anything they do.  

Integration happens across the whole curriculum and is not an added 'topic' taught in the afternoon or at a specific time in the week. We see the value of how this approach to learning can inspire all of our students and teachers ensuring that we...

...are preparing our students for their future and not our past.