Kauri Flats

School Build

See the progress being made on site.

Due to politics of many and very poor geo tech of the land the school programme was delayed by 6 months. Fortunately, we know the school will not sink now and will not be rushed to be built, so we get an outstanding building.

We are on track for full opening by September 2017 and two thirds of the school open late July 2017.

Term 4 Week - Library

Thumbnail: Term 4 Week - Library
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The library began at 10am and was complete by 3pm! Amazing!

Term 4 Week 6

Thumbnail: Term 4 Week 6
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More rapid development and growth in preparation for moving in on January 15, 2018!

Term 4 Week 4

Thumbnail: Term 4 Week 4
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The next building arrives on site...3 hours of work and the floor is almost complete!

Term 4 Week 3

Thumbnail: Term 4 Week 3
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More progress and things are moving quickly!

Term 4 Week 2

Thumbnail: Term 4 Week 2
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Two buildings almost complete. The second taking only 12 days before internal works started

Term 3 Week 9

Thumbnail: Term 3 Week 9
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Internal walls up, windows going in, ducting for services being installed...Progress is good!

Term 3 Week 8

Thumbnail: Term 3 Week 8
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10 days into the build and the joinery has started

Term 3 Week 7 - The Hall and Tech Block begins

Thumbnail: Term 3 Week 7 - The Hall and Tech Block begins
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After a long time waiting, work has started on the school buildings.

The Foundations are down...

Thumbnail: The Foundations are down...
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The foundation work - raft and piling is now underway

Work Begins...!

Thumbnail: Work Begins...!
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Test Piling is now complete with the school being built off site to be transported to Walters Road stage by stage!

Progress update w/b 15/08

Thumbnail: Progress update w/b 15/08
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Civil works on site...

The site

Thumbnail: The site
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The site of Kauri Flats School...

Blessing of the Soil

Thumbnail: Blessing of the Soil
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Tuesday 23 February: At 6am the first sod of soil was turned and the development of Kauri Flats School began. Led by Kaumatua Bob Clark from Te Akitai Waiohua the first soil was turned by Hon.Judith Collins. Thank you to all of the 30+ guests for your attendance that morning and continued support.

Geotech for Piling

Thumbnail: Geotech for Piling
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Monday 9 May: Work has started on site!!! Preparation for piling and earthworks are now being undertaken by Decmil, the school's construction company.