Kauri Flats

Unrelenting Curiosity for Learning

Welcome to our site!  Kauri Flats School is a new Innovative Learning Space being constructed on the site of 181-191 Walters Road, Takanini.  The school is being built to cater for the over crowding faced by many of the local primary schools in the Takanini/Papakura area (as the Newspaper Articles link under General Information 'KFS in the news highlight).

Although we are currently in our Temporary School, which will soon become an ECE/Kindergarten, our philosophy and curriculum remains the same (full school site completion expected by September - first two thirds by late July).

At Kauri Flats we aim to inspire students through our fully integrated curriculum by bringing learning to life using the New Zealand Curriculum to its full potential – not solely focussing on reading ,writing and math but ensuring our students are exposed to all subject areas and are aware of how the arts and creativity are equally as important.

At Kauri Flats we are exposing our students to the high end of technology - Virtual Reality, Time Lapse cameras, Manipulation of images, Coding and much more, we see it as we see our curriculum.

Our full integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) within our curriculum also drives the focus of our UC4L (Unrelenting Curiosity for Learning) curriculum.  

At Kauri Flats we want our students, staff and community who are prepared to take risks, prepared to be wrong, willing to give everything a go, appreciate everyone and their culture with the ability to empathise with all things life throws at them and each other and never leaving at the end of the day, week, term, year, thinking, ‘I wish I would have done more’.

We hope your enjoy taking a look around our site. 

For schools/institutions wishing to visit the school, please fill out our form under the 'General Information' tab and click on 'arrange a visit'. This will enable us to focus specifically on your needs.

Matt Williams